Good to know

We try to live and work according to the permaculture principles* and we hope to inspire you to do the same during and after our stay with us. * the italic texts below are examples of permaculture principles.

Care for nature

We strive to become a ‘zero waste’ campsite! Please take care of your own waste and minimalise it to almost nothing. Of course we will help you; You can enjoy a homemade breakfast, sourdough breads and cakes. And you can buy pasta, rice, flour, oats, seeds, nuts, lentils and beans in the amount you wish from us in a re-usable container. Everything organic and free of packaging.

Waste is food; – Our pigs and chickens are very happy with your leftovers, please throw them in the ‘bio’ bucket – Our fruit trees are very happy with the compost from the compost toilets, use them, rather than the ‘normal’ water spilling toilets. – branches and wood that you’ll find in the forest can be used for your cooking /camp fire, but only at the designated fire places

Re-use of sources; we filter our grey water, so only use bio degradable soaps or no soap at all!

Catching energy; minimal lights on the campsite, please bring your own (solar) lamp.

In order to protect the forest, there is only (drinking) water and electricity at one central spot in the forest. There is a fridge/freezer for common use as well and it’s possible to charge your devices.

Care for the people

To provide a safe and quiet place to our guests, please park on the parking at the beginning of the forest. Cars are not allowed in the forest.

Kids are welcome, but as most of our guest appreciate a quiet stay, we don’t have a big playground. We do have a place to play with your ball and a small kids kitchen area where kids can cook their own witches soup! Kids are also welcome to help feed the farm animals twice a day.

To protect your health, we try to keep limit radiation. That’s why there is no WIFI and we would suggest to switch your phone to airplane mode when you don’t use it! Enjoy the nature!

The campsite and facilities are a no smoking area

We’ve never been so stressed, while we can buy everything we need. That’s why we invite you to go ‘back to basic‘ while you stay with us. Pick your own vegetables or fruits, prepare your own meals in the outdoor kitchen area, and wash your dishes while you have a nice conversation with your partner. The holiday house doesn’t have a dishwasher, see it as a benefit!

Fare share

Often you don’t hear anything else than the sounds of the birds and the wind in the trees. Try to limit your own noise so everyone can enjoy the silence, including yourself. Between 22:00 en 8:00 quiet time

You will be surrounded by edible species. Enjoy them but als leave something for the next guests.

We try our best to keep the accomodation, facilities and forest clean. Hope you help us!